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Title: Extra Credit
Author: Andrew Clements
Summary of book: The book Extra Credit is about a boy in Afghanistan named Sadeed and a girl in America named Abby who are writing to each other across the world by writing letters. Sadeed is only doing this because his teacher told him for extra credit, but, Abby needs to do this if she wants to go to 7th grade. Sadeed's teacher agreed that Sadeed's sister Amira to actally talk to Abby in words, but, Sadeed is doing most of the work. This how a boy in Afghanistan and a girl in America write letters to each other for extra credit.

Culture Studied: Afghanistan,America

My Opinion of this book: It is one of the most interesting book I have ever read.

This book is great for kids ages: All ages and any one who is in to Afghanistan and what is happening there.