Discussion Questions

Choose 2-3 questions to discuss with your partner.

  • Why did Crash bully Penn? How did his attitude change during the book? How did the author use Crash’s relationships to other characters to reveal this change? Crash bullied penn because he is weird and because he didn't have real toys and is vegetarian.

  • Compare Crash and Penn from the time they meet to the end of the book. What traits do they share? How are they different? Compare each boy’s relationship with their family as well. Crash was faster then penn from the first time they meet. Toward the end of the book Penn was as fast as crash. Penn didn't believe in violence

  • Do you think it is accepted more in our society to "Put Down" others (looks, race, ethnic background, weight, etc.) than for sticking up for what you believe is right? No because Crash was a bully to Penn. Crash was not a vegertarian and Penn was. Crash did not have a great-grandfather and Penn did. They both had something that was different from the each other.

  • What would be the advantages/disadvantages of having parents who are older? Why? Use the book and include examples. The advantage of Penn's parents being older is that they might be wiser. The disadvantage of Penn's parents is that they can't do some of the things that Crash's parents could. The advantage of Crash's parents is that they are more active. The disadvantage of Crash's parents is that

  • Do you think that students, who are known to pull pranks on others and/or to Put Down individuals routinely, should be allowed to remain in extracurricular activities, like football?  No because other kids could be bullied (:example:Crash treated Penn like