external image 49b211753b6bd_99021n.jpgTitle: The Key Is Lost

Author: Ida Vos

Summary: This book,"The Key is Lost" by Ida Vos is about two children who are Jewish during World War II. They try to hide by running to different homes, but then somehow they have to run away because they are frightened. Eva Zilverstijn(Marie-Louise Duotour) and Lisa Zilverstijin(Marie-Jeanne Dutour) are sisters who seperated from their mom who had a diesease that made her look as Yellow as a lemon and their dad who was there for their mom.

Culture Studied: German, Jewish

My Opinion of this Book: to be honest I didn't really like it

My Smiley Star Rating: (5 is the Best)333

This book is great for kids:All Ages