Poppy Discussion Guide:

Choose 2-3 questions from this list to discuss with your partner:

1. Do you think Mr. Ocax was a Bully? What characteristics does Mr. Ocax have that makes him a bully?What does the book Poppy have to say about bullies?
Shivesh: I think that Mr.Ocax is not a bully.
Brandon: I think that Mr. Ocax is not a bully
2. Is there something you have in common with Poppy? For example, have you ever been scared of someone like Mr. Ocax? Have you ever wanted to show your family something about yourself? Have youever liked someone who yourfamily didn’t understand? What did you think of Ereth? Have you ever been afraid of something
like Poppy was afraid of Porcupines and then found out there was really nothing to be afraid of?

3. How did Avi make the characters believable? What animal characteristics did they have?

4. Who do you think is the hero in “Poppy” and why? What characteristics do they have that make them a hero?
Brandon: I think that Poppy and Eadith are the heroes. Eadith brought poppy to new house safely.
Shivesh: i think the heroes of the book "Poppy" are Poppy and Eadith. Eadith was the porqupine who brought Poppy to New House safely.
5.. Do you think it was brave or do you think it was foolish of Ragweed to bring Poppy to an area that Mr. Ocax did not approve? Do you think
taking a risk is being careless or does it bring excitement to your life?

6. How did Poppy change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?