Discussion Questions:

Choose two questions from the list below to discuss with your partner/s.

1. Describe how Gilly changes in the course of the novel. Point out passages that reveal substantial changes in her feelings about herself and others.

Sterph: In the beginning Gilly was always trying to act cool, and at the end Trotter taught Gilly a lesson. Also, at the end Gilly doesn't want her mother, now as she looks at her mother she wants Trotter to be her foster mother.

2. How does Gilly learn from Maime Trotter? What, specifically, does she learn?
Caitlin: Gilly learns to not judge somebody by thier look from Maime Trotter.The reason she learns that is because Trotter is really, really, fat, but Maime Trotter is also nice to her and William Ernest, unlike her mother, Courtney, who abandoned her and didn't really want her.

3. Gilly tells us that she is quite bright. What evidence is there in the book that she really is intelligent?
4. What does Gilly learn from her short stay in the school at Thompson Park?
5. What role does William Ernest Teague (W.E.) play in the novel?
6. What does Gilly gain by going to live with her grandmother? Can you cite examples of her growth in Jackson, Virginia?