Welcome to our Book Review Club!

For our 2nd book review project, click on the Discussion Groups link on the left. Please read and share your thoughts in the wiki by using the DISCUSSION TAB on the page for your book. Please do this before our next meeting in December. Use some of the questions provided to prompt your discussion.

For our first book review, you will choose a book to take home and read over the next week. Our first review will be an easy one! Each one of you will create a Wordle or an ABCya! to advertise your book.

Wordle Advanced

Click on Wordle's Advance tab to avoid having to copy and paste words or phrases. Simply type the word or phrase, followed by a colon and the number of times it should be "counted" in the word cloud's formation.
(The greater the number, the larger the text.)


Remember, words can be "kept together" by using a ~ symbol. (An author's name, such as Andrew Clements, would be typed Andrew~Clements).