1. Why is Anna uncomfortable around Caleb? Why does she associate him with her mother's death? Is it fair that she thinks of her mother's death when she thinks of Caleb?

Elizabeth: Anna is uncomfortable around Caleb, bacause it seems as if her mother stopped breathing, and living (death) because of Calebs birth.She associates him with her mother's death, because all he pleads about is," It's all my fault that mom died," and anna doesn't want to make him feel bad. Maybe... , because it 's his fault that his mom died giving birth. But it also could have been because of a diesease, so it's half and half.

2. Sarah is lonely, but she has turned down marriage proposals before answering Papa's advertisement. Why would she come to live with strangers on the prairie if there are men in Maine who want to marry her?

Elizabeth :I think she did that, because she felt they needed her more ,because there was no one to watch, and take care of the children. While the men who poposed to her could take care of themselves.

3. Why is it important that Sarah sings "Sumer Is Icumen In"?

4. Why is it such a shock to Sarah to find the dead sheep?